Q: Who is American Midstream?

A:  We are what is referred to in the oil and gas business as a “midstream” company. We neither explore for nor produce natural gas or oil.  Neither do we sell gas or oil to end-users. We gather and transport natural gas and oil from the wellhead or other pipelines; and, in some cases, we "process" or “treat” natural gas and oil, meaning that we make natural gas suitable for delivery into other pipelines or for customers such as local distribution companies, or with respect to oil, for delivery to other transporters. In total, we operate more than 3,000 miles of pipeline in the Gulf Coast area, including Louisiana and Mississippi, and in other major resource areas of the United States. We also store specialty chemicals at terminal facilities in the Gulf and East Coast.

Q: How will the proposed Midla-Natchez pipeline impact my utility bill?

A: The proposed Midla-Natchez pipeline will transport natural gas on behalf of your service provider. Please contact your service provider to determine what (if any) impact there will be to your utility bill.

Q: Will the rebuilding / construction process include job opportunities?

A:  It’s our policy to bid-out the project to contractors. Generally, the contractors handle hiring and it would be they who would determine who would be hired during the construction phase. While we don’t anticipate new, long-term job creation on the pipeline following construction, local businesses should see more demand for goods and services. Also, the line will be designed to support future commercial and industrial growth which will assist in future economic development of communities situated along the proposed route.

Q: I am told Midla wants to put the line on my land. Who can I talk to about this?

A: You can submit your inquiry via email to questions@natchezlineinfo.com, or call our toll-free number 1-866-443-5008. An American Midstream (Midla), LLC representative will return your inquiry within 24-hours.

Q: You’re rebuilding the pipeline on my land. What’s going to happen to the old Midla pipeline, and what if I want it removed?

A:  We're focused on rebuilding the pipeline so that we can ensure safe, reliable energy transportation. We understand that different landowners will have a variety of concerns about the old pipeline. We will work with each landowner to determine the best approach as the rebuild commences. You can direct further questions by email to questions@natchezlineinfo.com.